1. The Climate System
1.1. I troductio The key to u dersta di g global climate cha ge is to first u dersta d what global climate is, a d how it operates. This is the purpose of chapter 1. The global climate system is a co seque ce of a d a li k betwee the atmosphere, ocea s, the ice sheets (cryosphere), livi g orga isms (biosphere) a d the soils, sedime ts a d rocks (geosphere). O ly by co sideratio of the climate system i these terms is it possible to u dersta d the flows a d cycles of e ergy a d matter i the atmosphere, a u dersta di g which is required to i vestigate the causes (a d effects) of climatic cha ge. Havi g stressed the i terco ected ess of the eleme ts that make up climate system, it might therefore seem i appropriate to divide a discussio o the climate system i to separate sectio s, each deali [...]