Witness With Reason -
Jesus endured false accusations, beatings and the cross. With grace. Without malice or anger. For his enemies. For me. So here I am, saved by the suffering of Christ while I was still his enemy. What now? What am I to do? It’s an understatement to say my life has changed. Is changed. The old me falls away in the ongoing process of sanctification described by Paul, but at what point in the process am I ready to do something? If Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to reside in my heart the moment I understood and accepted His free gift of Salvation, was I and am I ready to do something with my new life that moment forward? Isn’t that the starting point that motivates and enables me to give an answer to everyone who asks us me to give a reason for the hope that I have? The starting point. The hope that is within me put there by Christ is the starting point. And since Peter said “always be prepared” and not “you are prepared”, that means it’s an ongoing process of preparing for which I am never finished. Much like sanctification. Jesus did for me what I could never do for myself, but I can’t expect Him to do for me that for which I am responsible and is a measure of my gratitude! Which is to always prepare to give an answer for the hope that is within me. To witness with reason. Like This Blog? Sign Up to Receive New Blog Post Notifications! © COPYRIGHT 2019 Marc Lovig· ALL RIGHTS RESERVED · FOLLOWING THE EVIDENCE WHERE IT LEADS·