If Miracles are Impossible the Universe Can't Exist -
When I was 20 my Physics professor made it clear at the outset that it was irrational to be an Atheist. He pointed out that it was irrefutable on many scientific and philosophical fronts that the universe had a beginning. Creation had to have a Creator. Space, time and matter leapt into existence at some finite point in the past from nothing! The Big Bang! Einstein’s Theory of Relativity proved it in 1916. I immediately saw the logic in his argument and became a Deist. Miracles are Impossible? This same professor also claimed that miracles were impossible because they were by definition a violation of natural law. If it could be violated it couldn’t be a law of nature. I immediately saw the logic in this argument as well and scoffed at anyone who claimed miracles could now or had ever occurred. This alone was the death knell in my mind for the believability of the Bible or any book that describes or promotes miracles. My professor went on to explain that unless there was a scientific materialistic explanation for events claimed as miracles, they couldn’t and didn’t happen as described. The story of Moses striking the rock with his staff from which water flowed was merely an embellishment of the truth. You see, Moses was a really a geologist who knew exactly where water could be found, so he tapped the ground and ordered his flunkies “dig here!” If Physics couldn’t explain it, if it was beyond physics, it didn’t exist. That’s what metaphysics means: beyond physics. Metaphysics was synonymous with quackery, nonsense, gibberish, superstition, ignorance and fantasy. But is it? Before the universe was created, before the Big Bang, there was nothing. The laws of physics didn’t exist. Physics didn’t exist! The creator of space, time and matter was spaceless, timeless and immaterial, existing before space, time and matter! Beyond physics. Metaphysical! Then The Creator made a decision and the universe leapt into existence! Now THAT is a miracle! Like This Blog? Sign Up to Receive New Blog Post Notifications! © COPYRIGHT 2014 Marc Lovig· ALL RIGHTS RESERVED · FOLLOWING THE EVIDENCE WHERE IT LEADS·