Can Reason Alone Lead us to God? -
As an armchair Physicist (at best), I’m drawn to the concreteness and certainty of the science of Physics. It’s a tribute to intellectual honesty and the effectiveness of the Scientific Method. How so? How do I know this? Have I done the math? Hardly. Have I recreated and witnessed the original, corroborating experiments of intellectual giants like Newton, Tesla and Einstein? Nope! Then how do I know Physics gets it right? Applied Physics. I work with it every day. Impressed? Don’t be, because you do too. There’s another term for it. Technology. The refrigerator in your kitchen? Applied physics. The car in your garage? Applied physics. The television in your living room? The PC in your study? You guessed it! Everything we take for granted in our high-tech world came from the discoveries of men and woman over the centuries who studied the physical world while standing on the shoulders of their predecessors. They got it right. Through intellectual honesty and the systematic use of logic and reason (aka The Scientific Method). If they got it wrong technology would not exist. Your car would not start, and I would be dead (C-section birth). In other words, without Physics we all would be (at best) crouching in caves scratching fleas. Technology confirms their discoveries were true, valid and right! Yet, technology is trivial in comparison to the most important discovery of Physics. The Second Law of Thermodynamics and the “Big Bang” were the beginning of several successive monumental discoveries that prove the universe was created. With unimaginable precision and fine tuning. Not just the physical universe but everything. Space, time and matter. In the process of studying the physical universe Physicists stumbled upon the Creator of Physics itself! Can reason alone lead us to God? It already has. Like This Blog? Sign Up to Receive New Blog Post Notifications! © COPYRIGHT 2016 Marc Lovig· ALL RIGHTS RESERVED · FOLLOWING THE EVIDENCE WHERE IT LEADS·