Roads: Chapter 30 | Gifted Ones
"Taylor, I find this incredibly difficult to understand." Her tone shifted suddenly, anger giving way to compassion. "Baby, why are you suffering this all alone?" He shook his head, blinking back sudden tears. Her anger he could take. Her sympathy he wasn't quite sure he could. "I just didn't want people fussing over me." He sighed and put his head down on the table, resting on crossed arms. "I wanted things to be normal. I guess I thought that if I didn't mention it... I just get sick of everyone looking at me, and fussing over me. I just wanted to be normal again." He felt her hand then, stroking his hair, and reached up, gently setting his on top of hers. As much as he hated to admit it, he was glad she knew. He wanted it to stop. Maybe she could help him. He'd begun to doze, enjoying the feel of her hand in his hair, when his senses suddenly fired, and his head shot up. Smell of pine needles and water, cool air and darkness, and then nausea slammed into him, sudden and overwhelming. Seconds later he was vomiting into the sink, his mother's arms the only thing keeping him upright.