Roads: Chapter 28 | Gifted Ones
His disgruntlement turned to horror, when he saw Jason gazing with glee, down the upcoming railroad track. The faint rumbling down the track had sent the boy into paroxysms of delight. "No!" He jogged to catch up with his friend. "No way, don't even think about it!" Jason spun, grinning. "Hear it, Zacko??? Trains coming." Zac shook his head. "Don't get any ideas." "Hear it?" "Yeah, I hear it. You just watch it go on by." Jason's grin turned to slightly manic laughter. "You ever jumped it, Zacko?" "You know I haven't, and I'm not going to. Now..." He laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation. Jason's penchant for train jumping went back to grade school, and never failed to scare him to death. "Back away from the tracks. I repeat, step away from the tracks."