Roads: Chapter 22 | Gifted Ones
"You people are in crisis. You have a kid with a huge problem. A really, really huge, mind boggling, life destroying problem. Yet you bury your heads in the sand and pretend that, because you pulled him home, and watched him finish withdrawal, because he's not any longer in the situation, it's all okay. You're all sitting around wondering why, if it's all over, is he still acting so damn strange? You're all so angry at him, for not just jumping back into things as if nothing had ever happened. You've been told to let him alone, and things will all work out. I'm very sorry, but that's like trying to say that two Aspirins for the aches, and a nice coat of makeup to improve your color, will cure the pneumonia that's killing you! You've eradicated a symptom, that's all you've done. Things look okay on the surface, but inside, everything's coming apart. And it's not just Taylor. You all are so blown away that you can't even scrape up the motivation to call the cops, to get rid of the idiots standing around in your yard! You're looking at every single obstacle in your path as something else to ignore, and hope it goes away. How far down that road do you think you can go?"