A Change of Grace: Chapter 3 | Gifted Ones
Title: A Change of Grace Chapter: 3 of 41 Author: Sheryl Rating: PG-13 Excerpt: Staring into the empty space where his family should be, he found himself willing it into reality. "Please, please, I'm sorry, just come back!" Familiar adrenaline surge, the burn of acid in his throat, and then a sudden unknown tingle... as if all of the nerves in his body were being shocked, and before his tear filled eyes there appeared, misty and wavering, almost but not quite there, the Trump. His shout of triumph was drowned out by the screech of tires and the blast of a car horn, causing him to jump back... into silence. The hotel was gone, the strange electric tingle diminishing. The sound of the angry cab driver's horn drifted away on a breeze, leaving the boy standing... staring.