What Is Deco Flex Tubing and Deco Poly Mesh Ribbon?
Ask the Expert: What is Deco Flex tubing? Rec'd a call from one of my wholesalers and they have Deco Flex Tubing that is bright in color and is flexible...I searched the net with no success..Also what is Deco Polymesh Ribbon...and how do you use it?? Gayla Design Expert Reply: Deco Flex Tubing (a Craig Bachman product), is a well keep secret of top floral designers. This poly tubing comes in bright colors and is available in an 8mm or 4mm size. The size and color variations allow designers the ability to use it in a variety of applications including underwater and outdoors. From corsages to bridal bouquets, Deco Flex tubing adds a uniquely luxurious quality to wedding work. Tied to a Valentines Day arrangement, it adds a special touch. When swirled on the inside of a vase, an everyday arrangement becomes extra ordinary. Once designers work with the flexibility of this product, they discover interesting ways to use it. Deco Poly Mesh Ribbon is another [...]