Best of Valentine’s Day 2011 — Order Now!
Sending Valentines Day flowers online is so easy, but if you aren't going through a real local florist you could be loosing up to 30% of your $$ in unnecessary fees before it even gets to the florist! The VERY BEST way to order flowers is to make sure you are dealing with a real florist in your city or the city you're sending flowers to. (Check out this article by Cinda Baxter that explains more.) Flower Shop Network makes this super easy with our online florist directory. Simply type in the city above and see real florists as results! Valentine's Day Flower Suggestions Roses are Red, But What Does a Mixed Bouquet Say on Valentine's Day? When most men think of sending flowers on Valentine's Day, roses seem to be the only flower to come to mind. Trust me guys, there are A LOT more options than just roses and baby's breath. It's kind of like sending fruit cake during the holidays, you're grandma might love it, but your girlfriend wants something a little [...]