Trend Alert: Sushi Flowers!
Sushi lover or not, you have to appreciate the care, artistry and composition a sushi chef puts into their work. Sushi is quickly becoming one of the trendiest foods around! Even if you don't like eating the raw-fish rolls, you can still get your hands on cute sushi gear — from stuffed animals to jump drives — sushi is invading pop culture! Don't forget our favorite way to use sushi — in trendy floral designs! Check out these great sushi-themed flowers we saw at floral shows this summer: This dynamic design uses greens and flowers as sushi rolls. They recycled stems and wired them on as chopsticks! This design is very impressive and so easy to do! Great way to get some use out of those to-short, scrap flowers! The tray he selected works great for the presentation. You might also consider inexpensive plates (especially in unique shapes), lined box lids, bamboo-style place mats, simple wooden blocks and almost any container with an Asian-theme. This [...]