Why Aren’t Stephanotis and Lily Of The Valley Used in Bridal Bouquets?
Ask the Expert: Are lily of the valley used in bridal bouquets. Back when I was married (in the 50s) lily of the valley and also stephanotis were often used in bridal bouquets and they are beautiful but I never see them anymore. Any reason? Carolyn Flower Shop Network's Flower Expert Reply: Every generation has it's favorite flowers. In the 50's, it was most likely stephanotis and lily of the valley. 'Casa Blanca' lilies or callas are probably the flower of choice for today's brides. That doesn't mean stephanotis and lily of the valley aren't or can't be used in wedding bouquets. The rose and stephanotis bridal bouquet in the picture was a recent creation by MaryJane's Flowers for a wedding in Berlin NJ. Now that wedding flower options are not necessarily contingent upon seasonal availability, brides have more choices. They are no longer bound by what is considered a "wedding flower". Today's brides have the freedom to choose any flower (depending on [...]