Rock Out With This Anniversary Flowers Idea
If you're anything like me, concerts are a home away from home. Since the summer is concert season, surprise your wife or girlfriend on your anniversary with tickets to an upcoming concert of one of her favorite artists. It's very sweet to bring flowers also, not to mention traditional. Even a non-traditional girl will be caught off guard in a good way by the uniqueness of such a romantic gift. Here are some other ideas for incorporating rock concert tickets (or country, jazz, et al) and anniversary flowers into one rockin' evening. Tips for Presenting The Tickets With Her Anniversary Flowers: Send flowers on your anniversary date but ask your local florist to incorporate the tickets and the theme of the evening into the design. Arrive on the doorstep with a beautiful bouquet of anniversary flowers, tickets behind your back. Even if you're used to walking in, ring the doorbell or knock but make sure that she has to answer. She'll be awed when she sees you [...]