Balloon Bouquets
Balloon bouquets lift spirits and are perfect for special occasions. Florists across America have balloons available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors and themes. They can be added to an arrangement of flowers or plants, delivered in a big bundle all by themselves, or used to enhance any festive event. Colorful birthday balloons add bounce to the celebration. Shiny Mylar balloons elevate the mood of any party. Balloons are being used as decorations for weddings, gifts for retirees, get well messages for patients, and whimsical treats for kids and adults alike. They are even soaring to new heights at celebrations of life - otherwise known as funerals. Types of Balloons Balloons are generally available in two types - the traditional latex balloons, which are made of a thin, stretchy kind of rubber, and the popular Mylar balloons, manufactured of metalized film. Each type of balloon has its own unique attributes, comes in many sizes, and can be used in [...]