Personalize Your Christmas With A Wreath
December – the season of snow, gift giving, seasons greetings yuletide and all that jazz. It is also the time to hang your Christmas wreath. One of the most festive and personalizing displays at Christmas time is the holiday wreath. Basically, there is only one way you can do the nativity scene (it's not like you can leave out the three wise men or place baby Jesus in a majestic Victorian cradle). However, a Christmas wreath has endless possibilities for personalization. Look at the houses down your street; no two holiday wreaths look the same. Think about all your options: masculine, feminine, natural, contemporary, traditional, glitzy and many others. If you like an old-fashioned feminine look, try a Victorian wreath with soft pinks and ivories intertwined with pearl ribbon. Want a rustic look? Achieve the rustic look with pheasant feathers, natural fiber ribbon and feather covered balls incorporated in a grapevine wreath. Use your imagination when [...]