Christmas Cactus, Paperwhite Narcissus and Other Holiday Plants
It's that time of year when the weather outside turns frightful -- or at least a bit chilly -- and, in northern climates anyway, there's nothing blooming outside. So it's natural to crave a little holiday cheer indoors in the form of live blooming plants. Your local flower shop can fix you up with several choices, from the ubiquitous poinsettia to an exotic bromeliad (click HERE for poinsettia care tips in a previous newsletter). Two long-time favorites that are available right now are the old-fashioned Christmas cactus and the deliriously fragrant paperwhite narcissus. We'll talk about the Christmas cactus first. The Christmas Cactus The plants most commonly known as Christmas cactus are members of either of two species: Schlumbergera or Zygocactus. The many cultivars of Schlumbergera bridgesii are the most commonly available, with flower colors ranging from red to white with every shade of peach, pink, fuchsia, and even yellow in between. The Christmas [...]