How To Keep Stephanotis Fresh In A Bridal Bouquet
Ask the Expert: How to keep stephanotis fresh in bridal boquets Tips For keeping cut stephanotis fresh. thanks Theda Reply: Theda, Although I am not well versed on stephanotis, I do know this: 1. Stephanotis is a short lived cut flower and should be arranged as close to the time period needed as possible. 2. The oil on your finer tips can and will turn the blooms brown. So limit your touching or wear gloves when arranging stephanotis. 3. Bridal bouquet with stephanotis need to be misted frequently and have a damp tissue placed over the blooms. 4. Keep stephanotis bridal bouquets very cool. Warm air with accelerate the decline of the blooms. I believe there is a special way to prep the stephanotis blooms by inserting something in the stem I will research this and discuss it with some of the designers I know and get back to you. ****Addendum*** I spoke with Regina Berryman an AIFD floral designer about the this issue. Regina told me that Stephanotis blooms have [...]