FSN June 2015 Newsletter
Summer kicked off with a great start and we wanted to recap the best blog articles from June 2015! Check out these top posts from the Bloomin' Blog! Summer 2015 Floral Wedding Trends The season of weddings is upon us and that means summer brides are out in full force to take advantage of this year’s hottest styles. Take a look at what we believe will be the five most popular trends for brides’ 2015 summer affairs. Read More Pinterest For Florists Many florists want to start promoting on Pinterest because of its content sharing platform . Here are three ways to incorporate Pinterest into your marketing strategy. Read More Wedding Trends: Floral Wedding Favors Sometimes brides want their wedding favors to have a natural flair. Perhaps they want an ode to mother nature or they want a favor that compliments their floral theme. Here are some trending floral wedding favors that make a beautiful living gift to all wedding guests! Sweet Succulent- potted [...]