5 Components of Victorian Floral Design
History of Victorian Floral Design The Victorian era was when arranging flowers was first recognized as an art form. The Victorian era in American history marked a period of floral design we often see in elaborate, full designs. The Victorian era is named for Queen Victoria who rules England from 1837 to 1901. During this era, enthusiasm abounded for gardening, flowers and plants. The people were more strict, formal and prudish though decorations (including floral designs) were opulent, lavish and showy. Upper-class members of society showed their wealth with large, excessive, opulent and often overdone flower arrangements created weekly by cultured ladies in the home and their daughters. This was also the time when tussie-mussie bouquets and nosegay bouquets made their mark in society. Lovers would exchange them as signs of affection. Proper women of Victorian society carried these bouquets at most social gatherings. Elements & Principles of Victorian Floral [...]