The Best Plant Fertilizer In The World…Mary’s Alpaca Poop!
Looking for new products to offer your consumers? Then check out Mary's Alpaca Poop; the best plant fertilizer in the world! Giving Plants A Life They Deserve Mary's Alpaca Poop began in 1994 with Mary Forte, her three alpacas, and the idea to use alpaca manure on her household plants. Now, Mary's herd totals 162 and her natural poop business is thriving. Her poop is scientifically formulated to give your plants balanced nutrition and offer any potted plant a complete 'lifestyle change.' Out of all livestock manure, alpaca manure carries the best nutritional content because they can digest their food for up to 63 hours. This results in complete digestion, and by adding a protein-packed diet, supplements, and other enhancements, our customers get the best blend possible for their potted plants. How Is Mary's Poop Made? Mary's Alpaca Poop is gathered from the farm where the alpacas live and put into 'community piles.' Then the manure is processed in a [...]