Quality Handmade Products From Motif
Enjoy sustainable products made with a passion at Motif Handmade! From home decor and jewelry to scarves and accessories, Motif Handmade has the perfect item to brighten up your life. In 1989, British designer Jackie Corlett was living in Bangladesh designing export-ready products and fabrics. New bags and embroidered home decor were created for trade shows, and Corlett helped to ensure a good income for the artists creating the items. "After 8 years living and working with fair trade artisans in Bangladesh I set up Motif in 1998 with a passion to ensure their amazing hand skills, materials and traditions could be encouraged and enjoyed by a global audience," Corlett said. Through the fabrics being woven, Corlett knew families were staying healthy and children were being educated. Today, Motif Handmade exports worldwide from Bangladesh, with a U.S. distributor, and offers wallets, purses, travel goods, backpacks, scarves, and even products for the home! Even [...]