Hit the Sweet Spot with Candies from Warrell Corp.
The Warrell Corporation had humble beginnings like any other American business, and since its start in 1965 the candy company has grown in its manufacturing success. Warrell Corporation began as Pennsylvania Dutch Candies in the small town of Mount Holly Springs, PA, as a specialty candy manufacturer and food distributor. PDC was purchased by the Warrell family and remains family-owned. Today, Warrell operates to service the tourist trade and traveling customers through specialty retailers. Since 1965, Warrell has acquired Katharine Beecher Candies and Melster Candies, expanding into the ingredient, mainstream retail, contract, and private label customers. "We focus on supplying gift shops, restaurants, and independent grocery, drug and hardware stores in tourist areas including airports, travel plazas, zoos, museums, theme parks, caves, and casinos," Annette Jones said. Warrell Corporation has developed unsurpassed capabilities in candy manufacturing, such [...]