FGmarket’s Weekly Pick – K9 Bytes
K9 Bytes was founded by Shannon Barnard, who earned her degree from the Art Institute of Seattle and is a Professional Member of the Women in the Pet Industry. Shannon started making dog and cat collars over ten years ago. She loved spending her free time crafting and wanted to create and design the perfect collar. "It all began with a pattern for fabric dog and cat collars. I knew I had to make some. Then I created a website and they sold! I stitch these collars with love. It brings me great pleasure to share my love of dogs and cats with fun, functional products. I enjoy picking out new fabrics to make collars that allow pet parents to express their love for their pets." - Shannon Barnard Not only do they have collars, but they also provide leashes, treats, toys, and pet accessories. Every product is handmade in the United States and would be a great gift for your furry friend. The quick-release dog collars are lightweight, adjustable, and nylon free. They [...]