Eco-Friendly Building & Restaurant Supplies
Many of our everyday activities involve products that are harmful to the environment around us and more and more people are advocating for the protection of our planet. One business located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, decided to get involved by creating environmentally sustainable supplies for businesses, restaurants, homes, and more. Packaging, Dishes, and Utensils Bgreen Today aims to replace the commonly used supplies in the packaging and distribution chain to create a sustainable environment. Their restaurant supplies are 100% biodegradable and compostable, which helps to reduce landfill. According to a co-owner, Daniel, "Polystyrene [commonly known as Styrofoam] is known to leach styrene and benzene into hot food that comes in contact [with it]. These carcinogens are harmful to both humans and the environment." Cleaning Supplies Another issue that Bgreen Today is combatting is the release of harmful toxins from cleaning supplies. Their "This Greening the [...]