ScratchnAll Is An Animal’s Solution To Self-Grooming
For any animal that has an itch that just can't be scratched, ScratchnAll is the perfect solution! The durable pads give pets a safe place to scratch and eliminate the use of door jambs and furniture. "While I was watching my horse trying to scratch under his chin, and having to do that by standing and straddling on three legs, I thought, you know, there's gotta be a better way for an animal to do this," creator Cynthia Garry said. "I made a prototype of my idea, checked it three days later and found hair in it. This was my 'ah ha' moment. I found an inventor who designed it according to my wishes and ScratchnAll was born." ScratchnAll is located in Dillsburg, PA and has a goal to help all animals. Garry has grown her business since 2008 and donates to spay and neuter organizations to help end animal overpopulation. ScratchnAll's products help animals in a different way. The safe and durable pads bend around any corners, interlock like a puzzle and come [...]