Brands Could Lose $1.5 Billion Dollars Because Of Influencers' Frauds - FashionWindows
Only a few years ago big ad campaigns would appear on giant billboards strategically placed on the rooftops of the city, with carefully studied and perfect images designed to draw the attention of all the potential consumers. However today everything is easier: it takes only the right picture posted on Instagram by the right person to get the same result, if not bigger. Working and collaborating with influencers has now become a ritual in the fashion industry, shared by brands of different price ranges and taste, giants like Nike and adidas do it, as well as high fashion Maisons like Fendi and Dior - the latter has basically relaunched the Saddle Bag only via Instagram. These kinds of brands not only have enormous budgets at their disposal but behind the launch of a new product lies sales projections and deep studies: they know the turnout of an item before releasing it, but it's definitely useful that those ten or twenty people would write on Instagram that it's worth buying the latest Nike sneaker.