Cloud Pass - Organic Wild Harvested White Tea
Cloud Pass - Organic Wild Harvested White TeaA subtle, fruity and meadow-sweet tea which delights the senses with a pale orange liquor. As clean, light and refreshing to body and mind as the mist on a high mountain pass.FlavourSweet, fruity with a creamy mouthfeel and dry finish.CharacterGently warming. Refreshing. Enlivening.A delicate tea with a delicate nature. Ideal for gently enlivening the mind and body. May bring pleasing sensations of warmth and flow to the chest, head and limbs. Cold brewed it is extremely refreshing and moistening.OriginCloud Pass is a rare organic, wild-harvested white tea grown in the mountains of Northern Vietnam. It’s sweet, subtle taste belies a living tea bursting with vitality which reflects the rich, clean environment in which it has been grown.Quantity30g (54p per serving)Brewing GuideCloud Peak should ideally be made with cooler water - about 80⁰. It can also be cold brewed. For cold brewing with cold or room temperature water reduce the amount of tea leaves to 1 teaspoon (2g) per 300 ml.The traditional way to make living tea is to use a small pot with a generous amount of leaves. The leaves are then used for multiple, short infusions. Living tea made this way brings out all of its taste, vibrancy and complexity. TeaTemperatureTimeInfusionsQuicker (100ml)1tbsp80-90⁰C45-60 secs5-6Kyusu (250ml)1tbsp80-90⁰C60-90 secs5-6Travel Flask (300ml)1tbsp80-90⁰C90-120 secs5-6Cold Brew (300ml)1 tspCold2-24hours2-3