Waffle Cornbread, Reverse Spicy Heat and More Great Reader Tips
Quite possibly, the thing I enjoy most about this job of mine is that I get to read, ponder—sometimes shriek WHAAT?!—all of the great tips and ideas my readers send it for me to share with you. Today I have another batch for your consideration and hopefully, enjoyment! I hope you're enjoying the start of a beautiful weekend, wherever you are in the world. I know that EC reaches around the globe, but wouldn't it be fun to know specifically how far? If you're comfortable, share in the comments section (just scroll down to the bottom of the post) and let us know your state, city, province, or country ... be as specific or general as you'd like. I'll go first: I'm in northern Colorado, USA—about halfway between Denver and Boulder. It's a bright sunny morning here, and it's cold so everything is shimmery silver. A sparkling opening to December! My grandboys are searching for Buddy—their Elf, who promised he'd be back. I'm waiting for their excited phonecall. (Eli, now 9, told us recently that while he knows Buddy is just pretend fun, he is 100% going to keep the fun going for his little brother Sam, 3. So sweet!)Isn't this just the best time of the year? Love, xo m