001 - The Story of it All - Get to Know Frank and Learn How Evergreen Art Supply Came To Be
How did it all start? Let me introduce myself. I am Frank Garcia, the founder of Evergreen Art Supply. I'm going to give you a quick insight into the story of what lead up to how this company came to be. First I can say me and my entire family enjoy just about every medium of art you can imagine. From drawing, seamstressing, pyrography, painting, jewelry making, typography, portraits, photography, quilting, sketching, woodworking, even to auto-upholstery, tattoos and graffiti. I think back to the earliest I can remember this heavy art influence impacting me. As a kid growing up in Seattle, Washington, my mother attended the local Art Institute, and I watched her always working on her most recent projects. I picked up on this and started drawing constantly. I can remember drawing cartoons skateboarding, making my own characters and Pokemon-style cards for them, painting lightning bolts firing in a war between wizards, even winning my 1st grade art contest for a scene of stick figures relaxing on the beach! Graffiti (age 13-20)Later on as I entered my teen years I started finding myself taking my art to the wrong side of the law. I was heavy into graffiti for years. Large Board Painted for Friend as a Backyard Canvas I remember my first time illegally painting. I was about 13 years old, and I had gone down to a nearby school and painted my name with a spray can taken from a friends garage. A few days later, at my own school I had the principal along with a police officer waiting for me. After a long period of questioning, including "was this your first time tagging", and my reply "yes", and the officer in disbelief "pretty impressive for your first time". Ultimately I was given a long lecture from the two and 10 hours community service at the vandalized school. After the first incident it was a few years later later when I went back to my graffiti habits. Again, starting off writing my name with Sharpie's at my high school, then moving to the local area, then all across the Seattle area, by the age of 17 I was starting to get heavy into the graffiti world. This was the beginning of a spree of legal troubles. Commissioned Tattoo Shop Mural in Progress At this point on through the age of about 20 graffiti was a daily thing. Any given day of the year you would find 3+ markers in my pockets at once, along with a backpack or pockets filled with spray paint. Being a troublesome kid and at this age not having job, it was common to steal the supplies to feed my little hobby. This lead to one of the multiple charges to come. I became one of the most well known artists in Seattle. Waking up, preparing myself for the day (choosing which paint stained clothes and what type of markers and paints seemed to suit my mood for the day) and heading out on a mission to leave my mark every place and as many times as possible was my daily routine. Doing my Part of a Chief Sitting Bull Mural Collaboration by Artist Andrew Morrison Handcuffs and courthouses were a regular part of life. Every so often I would face a new criminal charge pressed against me, in which I would be arrested, and of course, would continue to write my name inside of the precincts and county jails. By the end of this outlaw, graffiti vandal phase of my life, I was left with over 10 criminal charges before I finally grew up, got out of the lifestyle, and began to turn my life around. Tattoos (age 20-23) Shot of the Smile Now Cry Later Clowns Done by Me I had always had a large demand to do tattoos from people that were familiar with my art. It started with friends and family stating if I became a tattoo artist they would be the first in line for my work. At this point I was craving something to fill the void from graffiti, but without the legal implications. I had always been fascinated with tattooing. I decided to jump in! Learning bits and pieces from the small handful of tattooists I knew, (mostly graffiti writers turned tattoo artists) though most of the skills were self taught. Starting from simple pieces and building up to more complex work my skills continued to develop. Given the extensive graffiti experience the bulk of my work was lettering. I had grown to doing tattoos full-time for about 2 years. Although I do not tattoo full time anymore, you may still catch me doing the occasional tattoo on friends and family. From Auto-Upholstery to Evergreen Art Supply (age 23-Present) Tattooing for a living was buckets of fun, and I truly loved it, but after a while I wanted to change things up. I transitioned out of full time tattooing as I took a job as an auto-upholstery apprentice. Custom bench seat, before and progress (above) and after install (below) I started out learning how to do small repair jobs and working on convertible tops. Fixing leaking soft tops, repairs cut tops, replacing windows. After a couple month I started getting getting trained on how to do the sewing and upholstery side of the business. From repairing worn and damaged seats, to creating custom pleated bench seats. Altogether I ended up staying at the upholstery shop for just over a year. Although I absolutely love the art and skill that goes into auto-upholstery, I believe growing up in an unconventional manner, from the wild child graffiti artist, and then having the freedom and 100% control of being a tattoo artist, I was not built for the 9-5. I need to live and create on my own terms. The beginning of the end for my upholstery career as co-workers talked about needing a new pair of scissors that met the harsh requirements of the job, but complained about there being a lack of options that didn't come with either ridiculous prices or horrible quality. This is where I had my "aha! moment" and Evergreen Art Supply was starting to form. My goal was set, to build Super Scissors - Professional Quality Scissors, capable of cutting through layers of leather and heavy materials day-in and day-out, and bring it to customers at a realistic price. After spending my last few months designing the perfect pair of scissors, and putting them to the test at the upholstery shop and being sure the final design got the pass from the veteran upholsterers the Super Scissors were born. I am happy to say, after launching Super Scissors as our first product, we found great success, and made thrilled customers. I have continued to extend this beyond just scissors and into as many art supplies as possible. I put my heart into every single product we release. Creating tools for artists is a whole new art in itself, and I have found this to be my new passion. I dropped the apprenticeship and ever since have been dedicated to creating Evergreen Art Supply. The companies sole purpose is to bring every artist the quality tools they need at a great value. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the competition, and strive for perfection. I stand strong behind our products, and want every customer to be absolutely in love! Offering customer service that is second to none, and a no-hassle, 100% Thrilled Customer, money-back guarantee on all of our products! I am now glad to say everything has been going better than I could have imagined. I find the fact that my company and our products have made so many people happy, is still overwhelming to me. I am extremely excited to continue on this journey and for what this company has in store for you! I thank you for choosing Evergreen Art Supply, and am happy to have you on board! -Frank GarciaFounder of Evergreen Art Supply -Frank's Notes Thanks for reading! Did you enjoy this?! If so please link it up or share it! I am glad to have you on as a part of the EAS family! :D And now that you got a little insight to our beginnings, go ahead and checkout all our great arts, crafts, and sewing products me and the EAS team have been working on by clicking here! -Frank