Gender Fluidity Inclusivity: An Immersive Workshop
Fluidity.Love’s mission is to make the world safer for people to express beyond the borders and barriers of current gender constructs. Gender expression is changing in society. Young people are becoming more free in their expression of gender and more complex and nuanced in their identity. This is happening across all ages and in every culture. But it is still very confusing to most people, even for those who are allies. Misunderstanding a gender non conforming person can cause tremendous grief, pain and lead to legal suits and explosive PR situations. As millions across the globe come out, the companies that make relationships that are supportive will see tremendous opportunities in growth as well as loyalty It’s not hard to understand how to be sweet, genuine, empathetic and understanding to gender non conforming people. We provide the safe space to understand, ask questions, be clumsy without penalty to be elegant and well informed in the real world. This is scheduled as a 1 hour online immersive workshop that includes training, role playing scenarios, time for questions and an exam. Receive a Fluidity.Love certificate for your department, company or for your resume if you pass the exams at the end and according to attendance. We have another training on the April the 10th: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gender-fluidity-in-the-workplace-tickets-44325453625