Nazi Anti-Jewish Legislation
Nazi Germany enacted >2,000 anti-Jewish measures 1933 The Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service legalized firing "non-Aryan" government employees Most “non-Aryan" students were barred from attending German schools and forbidden to take final state exams for many occupations 1935 The Nuremberg Laws stripped Jews of their citizenship and denied the right to vote The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor prohibited marriage and sexual contact between Germans and Jews 1936-1938 A series of anti-Jewish laws, culminating in the November 1938 pogrom known as Kristalnacht, restricted Jews from the German economy and legalized the confiscation of Jewish property The Central Office for Jewish Emigration, under the direction of Reinhard Heydrich, empowered the SS to make all decisions regarding the fate of Jews 1939 With outbreak of WWII, anti-Jewish laws of variable intensity were enacted in occupied territories