Mother and Daughter Compete Together in Cyclocross Racing | Endurance Magazine
What is Cyclocross? Lynn: Cyclocross is its own specific type of bike racing that combines elements of road cycling, mountain biking, and cross-country running on courses that often include pavement, grass, mud, sand, steep hills, and man-made obstacles or barriers. Racers navigate many short laps of 1.5-2 miles and typically race between 30 and 60 minutes. Cyclocross races are unrelenting and rely on aerobic fitness, good bike-handling skills and efficient bicycle mounting and dismounting. Races are in the fall and winter and are known for happening in all kinds of weather and conditions including mud, snow, rain and freezing temperatures. Cyclocross is a very old sport that began in the early 1900's when European road racers would participate in off-season 'Steeple Chase' competitions to stay in shape and hone skills during the cold, wet winters. Cyclocross made its way to the US in the 1960's and a national championship event has occurred here every year since the mid-70's. Today