7 Tips For a Smooth Transition | Endurance Magazine
By Chris Newport It's one thing to be able to swim, bike and run fast, but it's another thing to string them all together quickly. Whether you're new to triathlon or you've been rocking the multi-sport lifestyle for years, knowing the tricks to smooth transitions can make or break your race. Know the rules This is especially important if you're a tri-newbie. Check the official USA Triathlon rule book under Transition Area Conduct, but the gist of it is to not ride in or out of the transition like a bat-out-of-hell, keep your stuff where it belongs, leave other people's stuff alone, don't toss your bike on the ground, and stay out of other people's way. Break those rules and you're likely to get a time penalty. But you'll be DQ'ed for bringing glass containers, so leave your post-race bottled beverages at home. Also, don't forget to buckle your helmet chinstrap before getting on the bike. Another important rule? No nudity. So be sure to keep all your goods hidden throughout the entire