Writer's Log, October 17th: The Myth of Originality | Elizabeth Percer
You know what I find particularly ironic about the myth of originality? It's a myth that refuses to reinvent itself. I don't know what it is about the idea that artists should strive to do something that's never been done before that persists in insinuating itself into our collective thinking, but I do know that if can become a particularly distracting creative earworm – or parasite. Unfortunately, because we live in a culture that worships the latest shiny object, even those who are trying to be up to something more essential and lasting get yanked into the Apple store every now and then. But here's what I tell myself when go down the wormhole of thinking I need to do something new: You're not here to invent something, you're here to say something. These are two distinct offerings, and if you try too hard to shoehorn invention into your writing, the writing will have the shackles of your great intentions all over it. In general, I think we take art too seriously or too lightly,