Writer's Log, November 18th: Defining Your Audience | Elizabeth Percer
One of my favorite sayings is that a book is not finished until it is read. I find so many helpful insights woven into this statement. First, it reminds me that all this toiling I'm doing behind closed doors is not because I'm antisocial and unwell, but because I'm willing to go deep and long if it will help carve out more meaningful lines of communication. Second, it helps me to contextualize the need to define my audience, a task I think many writers find baffling. The first few times I was asked to define what kind of audience I was writing for, I had no idea how to respond. I don't know, I would think, a big one? In super-mature fashion, I came up empty handed so many times, I started to feel a little self-righteously indignant. Wasn't I supposed to be doing my best to write according to my own sensibilities and unique voice? Weren't artists supposed to create without caring what anyone else might think? I didn't know it at the time, but I was repeatedly hitting my head