Writer's Log, November 14th: Definitions              | Elizabeth Percer
As writers, it's impossible for us to work without definitions. Our very medium requires us to understand how every unit – every word -- of our craft contains and is limited by its meaning. But, I wonder, are we also particularly susceptible to limiting definitions of ourselves? Oftentimes, when I'm stuck, there is a definition in my way. Sometimes it's actually a word that's getting me stuck, sometimes a sentence, sometimes a description that's eluding me. But sometimes the reason why I'm stuck bleeds into something I'm telling myself about what it means to be a writer, or what I'm writing, or what I can write, or should write – some way I've defined my talent, or scope, or positioning. I can't write about blank because someone else has written about it already, or I don't know enough about it, or it's just too difficult to pin down on the page. Or I can't get back to something because I've neglected it for too long, or I've written more for my Twitter feed than I did on my novel last