Writer's Log, February 16th: Finding Your Voice | Elizabeth Percer
It's hard to throw a stick in a writing class without hitting someone who's flummoxed about voice. What is voice, anyway? How do I know if I have one? What if I don't, and I've spent all this time/energy/angst on this writing craft for nothing? I think the question of voice has become simultaneously far too mysterious and far too infrequently addressed. When many people think of a writer's voice, they think of some unique, ineffable thing that is difficult to capture but undeniable when encountered. Let's consider that language for a moment, though. Does it bother anyone else that we tend to speak of voice the same way we talk about a Sasquatch? Perhaps the trouble lies in trying to develop a definition of voice that can be pinned to a dictionary page and slammed shut. In my experience, voice isn't so much shifty as shifting; it's not so much difficult to define as it is resistant to stagnant parameters. Just as we speak differently in real life depending on whether or not we're