Writer's Log, December 26th: The Art of Disappointment | Elizabeth Percer
Every now and then, I'll have what feels like a terrifically successful day of writing – so good that I have trouble falling asleep that night, my mind busy with what will happen next and to whom and how. But then, curiously, I often find myself painfully and suddenly blocked when I next sit down to pick up where I left off. This is what I confronted when I sat down to write early this morning – and midmorning, and afternoon. To make matters worse, I actually had time to write today, so not only was I standing in my own way, I was doing so on one of those rare days when opportunity and inspiration come together. Yet it wasn't a fear of failure that was getting in my way, or a fear of success – I've played these cards, and know what it feels like when I'm drawing one of them. It took me a while to understand the particular beast I was grappling with because it was far more mild and far more difficult to avoid, more of a niggling disturbance than an outright threat. But thanks to the