Writer's Log, April 15: Volume Control | Elizabeth Percer
Here's what I've learned this week: mindfulness is all well and good, unless you're 11, 14, or 16, and your amygdala is (age-appropriately) on the fritz. Don't get me wrong: I love that my kids have even been introduced to the idea of mindfulness, especially since when I was their age, the closest thing we got to mental health awareness came in the form of gymnasium assemblies featuring pre-packaged "Just Say No" programs. And After School Specials. Oh, the After School Specials… Anyway, as thrilled as I am that we live in a world where the mental health conversation is finally beginning to see the light of day, most of us who've already been fighting the good fight for our sanity for, oh, I don't know, three decades or so, can tell you that it's one thing to know how to stay on an even keel; it's another thing entirely to convince your mind to release its death grip on its favorite slobbery, grisly chew toys. I bring all this up in the context writing work because most of the