Tough Cookies | Elizabeth Percer
Last week's post on revision reminded me, again, of how infrequently we talk about how we work with our work in the writing community. Scratch that. How often do any of us discuss any kind daily grind with anything approaching the integrity it deserves? We are rarely ever at a total conclusion or an absolute beginning. And yet we persist on avoiding open discussions of our less glamorous and far more essential endeavors. So, for this week, let's talk a little more about revision. It took me many years to realize that one of the biggest challenges of shaping a writer's work has to do with the odd nature of our chosen medium: words. Words, in fact, are really weird. They're both abstract and concrete nouns, their meanings are both defined and subject to context, and we can move them around but not actually touch them. It's no wonder we want to stick our heads in the oven when we sit down alone at our computers to try to make them do our bidding. But that, I think, might be our first