Writer's Log, September 5, 2017: Creativity on Demand?     | Elizabeth Percer
This weekend, I had great plans. My husband took the kids camping so I could punch out at least 1,000 words a day (maybe more!) and get out ahead from my already ambitious project goals. But unfortunately, despite the fact that I'm confronted almost daily with the hard truth that I am not the type to generate creativity on demand, this particular truth failed to hit me on the head hard enough to get my attention. In my own defense, I'm not entirely without the ability to access creativity on demand: when it comes to daydreaming about productive weekends, I can instantly conjure up the most impressive of scenarios. Part of the problem is the fact that I own a brain that is both highly imaginative and highly Type A. While I depend on both of these qualities to write novels while raising three children, sometimes the lines cross to disastrous effect. I suppose this is a sort of occupational hazard, but because I'm a novelist, many of my occupational hazards are not clearly labeled or