Revisioning Revision | Elizabeth Percer
I think it's safe to say that a writer can't get very far without developing some kind of relationship to revision. Unfortunately, this relationship is often fraught at best, dysfunctional at worst. I'm pretty sure I was writing daily for more than a decade before I could return to my work without developing hives on the way to the computer. Even now, I have to remind myself of several key things in order to avoid giving in to the kind of feeling I used to get when looking at old prom pictures of myself: braces, pink taffeta, the permed wreckage that was my hair, etc., etc. I'd thought I'd share a few of these coping mechanisms with you today, in the hopes that maybe I can help a few of you resist the temptation to rip up old photos of your beaming, imperfect self. First of all, it's impossible for your ego not to be involved. You're not a monk, you're a writer, and you care about how your writing turns out. No way around that. By the same token, there's also really no way to avoid the