Grammar Police and Word Nerds | Elizabeth Percer
Lately, on my weekly runs (aka meditative jogs), I've been listening to a podcast called "The History of English." I have to confess that my first thought when coming across the ninety-plus episode podcast on iTunes went something along the lines of, WTF? Who can a) talk that much about the history of a language and still have new things to say; and b) make this sound like anything but the aural equivalent of watching paint dry? I mean, I love linguistic nuggets as much as the next writer, but ninety-plus episodes of one guy talking mostly about white Europeans? Wasn't that my junior year in high school? But in all honesty, I think I also feared an endless reckoning with all the things I don't know about this language I live, love, and write in. Because, as this sentence (which begins unconventionally) and the last (which ends in a preposition) show, all writers secretly worry about the grammar police. (Even if we're deputy members of their squad, we still worry.) In their defense,