Writer's Log, January 9, 2018: New Year's Revelations | Elizabeth Percer
Is it just me, or is the New Year's resolution a peculiarly fearsome ideal? We are graced with yet another year of this mysterious thing we call life, and we decide to celebrate by controlling the living daylights out of it. This year, we promise ourselves, we will constrict or constrain or prevent or lose or otherwise fix the things that we've decided didn't work for us last year. Or maybe we'll attempt to master or gain or achieve something else we are sure will complete us once had. Usually, numbers are involved. Usually, we are at the center of our resolutions, as is some kind of attempt to change ourselves. I'm actually not totally against New Year's resolutions, but the way they are generally hatched seems to encourage us to simultaneously focus on ourselves and identify something unacceptable about ourselves we should try to change. It's no wonder, then, that so many resolutions "fail," and good riddance, if this is the stuff they're made of. But I love the idea of taking a