Summer Solstice 2019
Good times all arou d at the Ju e 22 Summer Solstice at Groto House. Luckily the weather cooperated after all the rai y days. The food i cluded refreshme ts of hors d’oeuvres, three ki ds of paella cooked o site i very large pa s, followed by lemo squares a d brow ies for dessert . The Sile t auctio offered a wide ra ge of great items to bid o . Orville Giddi gs’ Blue Grass Ba d got folks da ci g to e d a successful eve t. Tha k you to Shaw Ti kham for talki g all the great pictures throughout the ight, you ca view them here. A big tha k you to all of our ge erous spo sors: Salem Five, Mayer Tree Service, Ipswich Ale Brewery Be jami Nutter Architects, EBSCO, Hoga Tire, Eric Emerso of Put am Pa try, Steve Lombara of S.C.L Home Services, Tig Gregory Rise Sheeha DVM Equi e Veteri ary Care, Mary Ka e of GW&K I vestme t Ma [...]