42 amazing watercolor floral tattoos - BEAUTIFUL LIFE
One of the hottest new trends in the tattoo world right now is watercolor flower tattoos. When you see how truly stunning they are, it’s not very hard to see why. With beautiful shades and colors, and a wide range of designs and ideas to work with, they’re a versatile idea that is as pretty as it is unique. We think we’ve found a few ideas that you might like to take a peek at … The humble peony is one of the oldest flowers to be used in the Eastern culture. You can understand why peony tattoos would be such a great hit. The style of the flower itself gives way to stunning watercolor flower tattoos, beautiful soft petals in marvelous shades of pink and peach. These days, peony tattoos are often seen with Japanese style koi carp tattoos. Also, for such a delicate and feminine flower, is often depicted as rather masculine, said to depict a total disregard for consequences.