"Make My Kid a Star," Part 2 | Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil’s child star competition continues! Seven talented kids compete against each other in The Dr. Phil House while auditioning for some of Hollywood’s most esteemed child talent agents. But the true test is to see if their mothers can handle the stress of coaching their kids without ruining their chances to be noticed. Big prizes are at stake, including the ultimate opportunity to become an established child actor in Hollywood. Eleven-year-old Gracie has won the photo challenge and the dance audition, but some of the competitors wonder if the competition is rigged. Today, three more auditions take place, and the judges pull no punches. One child breaks down in tears, but is it the judges’ criticism or the pressure from her own mother that is the cause? Dr. Phil meets with the moms alone and questions their motives for pushing their children, including a harsh criticism of one mom who the talent agents think presents her child in a provocative way. Tempers flare as moms grow