Dirt, Lies and the Internet | Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil explores a popular new website that dishes the dirt on non-celebrities. Nik is the creator of TheDirty.com, where people can anonymously submit a photo and ridicule anyone in their community. Does this website go too far? Holding Others Accountable? Nik calls his website the first ever civilian paparazzi, where people can be held accountable for their actions. Nik and his attorney say there's nothing illegal about the website, and people need to be more careful about what information they post online " because it could be repurposed at their expense. Nik speaks out for the first time about his controversial website. "I think people like to see their neighbor get to a certain point and fall." An Innocent Victim Bruna, 24, says she's an aspiring model whose pictures ended up on the website three years ago, accompanied by horrible comments and slanderous accusations. She says the insulting posts have affected her self-confidence and made her withdraw socially and