Buying Bodies Part 3 - what is PTSD post traumatic stress disorder
Buying Bodies Part 3 Over the last couple of weeks I have been engaging in an email conversation with some people who placed an online ad on a blog site offering to sell girls into New Jersey from Asia. I have been given references of previous sales, pictures of bodies to be bought, and a list of the domestic and sexual skill sets. I know where they are being held and how they will be moved into the USA. Oh, and also it has been suggested to be that they are fertile, so I can breed them to sell the children and recoup my expenses. Once you get past the outrage or disgust, ask yourself, “What would I do?” #1 Awareness Now you know, you must tell – anyone who will listen. #2 Education and Training Host a seminar or event in your community. #3 Time to Step up We all have three things to give: Time, Talent, and Treasure. Get behind a group locally and nationally. Related