CBD Me And PTSD - what is PTSD post traumatic stress disorder
CBD Me and PTSD I was desperate. I hadn’t slept more than 90mins at a time for over 10 years. I had someone give me THC vape – it made me paranoid and depressed. 10 years without sleep will wear on a fella. I was given Zilis UltraCell Full Spectrum Hemp/CBD Oil, and it changed the quality of my life and our marriage. I was sleeping; the anxiety and depression were more manageable. We decided to get into Zilis as a business and to use it to fund our non-profit work with PTSD Recovery. I couldnt work the standard 9-5 job. I needed something flexible. Zilis will even pay for a brand new jeep and health insurance if you make a real go of it! For information on wholesale prices or business, opportunities email us at updates@drjohnaking.com. To buy today go to www.drjohnaking.com/cbd